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App to synchronize historical body weight measurements between platforms. With clouds and files support!

System: Desktop app for Windows 10 and macOS
Brands: Fitbit, Withings, Garmin, Under Armour, Apple, Beurer, Google and more
Measurement Types: Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone, Water, Fat Free, Lean and BMI


Free integration to automatically transfer your new body weight measurements between clouds. With multiple targets support!

System: Real-time web integration
Brands: Fitbit, Withings, Garmin, Under Armour, Google and Strava
Measurement Types: Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone and Water


Play a huge range of free online video games, including action, sports, adventure, puzzle and many more.

System: Online web video games
Provider: Wanted 5 Games


Withings Sleep is a sensor that helps improve sleep quality by offering advanced sleep cycle analysis, heart rate tracking, and snore detection.

Features: Advanced sleep tracking, better sleep, enhanced environment and personalized coaching

BPM Core

Withings BPM Core allows you to measure blood pressure, record an electrocardiogram and listen to the sound of your heart!

Awards: CES Innovation Awards 2019, first worldwide blood pressure monitor with ecg and digital stethoscope
Features: Medically accurate blood pressure & heart rate, electrocardiogram, digital stethoscope, automatic Wi-Fi sync