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Weemple WeightNet is an easy-to-setup FREE real-time web interface, to automatically transfer your new body weight data between clouds.
To synchronize historical data, please refer to the WeightHub desktop app.

The availability of the units and types of measurement, depends on the supplier. Here described what we support.

  • Units of Measurement

    Kilogram (kg)

    Pound (lb)

    Stone (st)

    Percent (%)

  • Types of Measurement


    Fat (mass, percentage)

    Muscle (mass, percentage)

    Bone (mass, percentage)

    Water (mass, percentage)


Be free to have different devices from various brands and still sync your weight data across platforms.

The web interface currently support the following cloud platforms. One source to one or multiple targets.
Please note: the suppliers don't guarantee any real-time functionality, but usually delays are beetween seconds and minutes.

Suggest a new platform of your interest

  • Cloud Sources

    Fitbit Platform

    Garmin Connect

    Withings Health Mate

  • Cloud Targets

    Fitbit Platform

    Google Fit


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Please note: in case of issues to add a cloud, please clear your browsing data and try again.

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