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Weemple WeightHub is an easy-to-use desktop app, to seamlessly synchronize your body weight data between platforms, with clouds or files.
Specially designed for pro athletes, fitness coaches or fitness enthusiasts that take data seriously.

Just select your source, target, easily compare and overview data from different periods of time. For example, you can sync data from file to cloud, or convert data from file to file.
Compare weight, BMI, fat percentage and more all within the app. Note that the availability of the units and types of measurement, depends on the supplier. Here described what we support.

  • Languages







  • Units of Measurement

    Kilogram (kg)

    Pound (lb)

    Stone (st)

    Percent (%)

  • Types of Measurement


    Fat (mass, percentage)

    Muscle (mass, percentage)

    Bone (mass, percentage)

    Water (mass, percentage)

    Fat Free (mass, percentage)

    Lean (mass, percentage)



Watch our animated explainer video and our demo video for more information!


Be free to have different devices from various brands and still sync your weight data across platforms.

The application currently support the following cloud platforms and file formats.
* WeightHub is our own file format, it support all our types of measurement: usefull for backup purpose.

Suggest a new platform of your interest

  • Cloud Sources

    Withings Health Mate

    Garmin Connect

    Fitbit Platform

    Google Fit

  • File Sources

    Apple Health (xml, zip)

    Beurer HealthManager (pdf, csv, xlsx, xls)

    Fitbit (csv, xlsx, xls)

    Google Takeout (zip)

    Runkeeper (csv, zip)

    Withings/Nokia Health Mate (csv, zip)

    * WeightHub (csv, xlsx)

  • Cloud Targets

    Fitbit Platform

    Google Fit

  • File Targets

    Beurer HealthManager (csv, xlsx)

    Fitbit (csv)

    Runkeeper (csv)

    Withings Health Mate (csv)

    * WeightHub (csv, xlsx)



For a clean and intuitive data sync & management – get Weemple WeightHub!
Desktop application available on the following online stores.

WeightHub on the Mac App Store

Latest version: 1.5.6
Requirements: macOS 10.10 or higher

WeightHub on the Microsoft Store

Latest version: 1.5.6
Requirements: Windows 10 version 14316 or higher