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Weemple Video Station Converter is a desktop app, to seamlessly identify video not compatibles with Synology Video Station devices, and to easily convert them.
It scan your video files content, and identify if there are video and audio tracks that may prevent the correct playback.

Then you can add the desired files on the queue and start the conversion with a single click!
Is also possible to drag and drop file & folders on the app.

It convert all video, audio, subtitle and chapter tracks.
The output are Matroska files (.mkv).


  • Highlights

    Detect compatibility issues

    Convert any video files to a compatible format

    Easy to use, don't require special configuration

  • Customizations

    To include the subtitles

    To include the chapters

    To set the default language

    To add only one track for language

    The maximum video resolution

    The preset, profile and level of H.264

    To execute a script after every successful conversion

    And more



For a clean and intuitive video conversion solution – get Weemple Video Station Converter!
Desktop application available on the following online store.
Weemple Video Station Converter on the Microsoft Store

Latest version: 1.4.6
Requirements: Windows 10/11